Weaponpress.com is the beginning ministry God has called me to do. What He has called all Christians to do and that is repeat what Jesus accomplished on earth. Jesus healed the sick, cast out demons, made disciples, preached the gospel and so forth. This is our calling (Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-18).

With that, God has given me some talents to advance his kingdom. The graphic novel series Allegories of the Way is the premier vehicle that is being used now. More aspects of the ministry will come in time and as God reveal them to me, I'll share them with you.


There are many themes in my graphic novels, but the three that stand out the most to me are the themes about hope, healing and warfare.

1.HOPE is faith unseen. Holding onto God while hard things in life seem impossible to overcome. Where all you see and feel is fear and despair. Jesus is our hope and desires and plans only the best for us.

2. HEALING-Jesus heals our souls, emotions, relationships, finances,thoughts and so on.(Isaiah 53:5) says by Jesus' stripes we were healed. It's a done deal for us that we are healed. We can receive that and believe it. No matter what is broken in our life, before the problem existed it was fixed. But there is a process at times, which leads to.....

3. WARFARE-This is our positive response to the good things God has done for us and have for us. Our enemy is Satan and his demons. They will try to stop and hinder your hope and healing. They will attack you to stop God's blessings. You must respond and fight back through prayer and the living Word, the Bible.

These three God inspired themes are represented in Allegories of the Way and Weaponpress.com. There are other themes you will discover, but the main three is what I feel I need to focus on.
At this point I figure you know why I call this site Weaponpress. As Christians we are living weapons against Satan's dark kingdom. We are called to give hope and healing to this corrupted world through our warfare.
If you are not a Christian then check out ARE YOU CERTAIN? It's my attempt to share the gospel to you so your life will be changed for the good in this world and after. God bless you. Contact me anytime for prayer, comments and questions.
God bless you.

-Melchizedek Todd