The Weapons of Hate and Anger

I'm piggybacking on a teaching I've been listening to. If this interest you more then at the bottom of this page you can go to the link and download the teachings. What I'm doing is getting straight to the point to using your anger and channeling it with hate towards Satan.

First Things First.
The first thing as a believer you have to realize you are in a battle and Satan will attack you. Satan will use your emotions, finances, people and so on to hurt you. And if you're already depressed and feel defeated in an area or areas in your life, don't worry this is how you can fight back and overcome.

Anger and Hate-a good thing?
Yes!...Now we all have anger and it's fine to be angry: Ephesians 4:26-27-Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil. God calls us to be angry. So anger is fine as long as it is directed the right way. Anger should always be directed towards evil. Psalms 97:10-Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: We are called to hate evil. A definition for hate is to dislike intensely or passionately: feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward: detest. That sums up how we should treat evil.
I'm not going into detail about good righteous anger and wrong demonic anger, If this interest you, you can go to the link below for a more thorough teaching. But at this point I'm speaking to those who know they have anger and it's not healthy in the sense it's directed in the wrong places. For those who have let the anger sit and are discouraged and depressed; the anger is now "frozen". For those like me who have intense personalities and no matter what activities you do to try to expend the excess anger nothing is working and the anger becomes frozen or directed the wrong way too. All focus of your anger should always be directed towards evil. And that evil is pride, selfishness, poverty, depression, lust, sickness discouragement, passiveness and so on. And we now know we are called by God to hate evil with a passion.

How do I use Hate and Anger as a weapon against evil?
This is the bread and butter I feel to what I'm sharing. This is the Practical that the link to the thorough teaching goes into, but not in a lot of detail.
Now for those of you who already are feeling down, depressed and discourage; the good thing is you have more "anger power" and strength than you realize. It's all stored up in you, some call it "frozen anger". You'll have to stir up the frozen anger and let it explode out of your soul. You're going to have to use your mouth and the authority God has given us over all thing and get loud. Yell out I'M SICK OF YOU DEPRESSION!(or whatever you think you need to kill). I HATE YOU DEPRESSION! I'M NOT GOING TO BE THIS WAY ANY LONGER! I HAVE THE SAME POWER AND AUTHORITY OF GOD AND CHRIST! I HATE YOU DEPERSSION! I HATE EVIL! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU SATAN AND DEMONS! I CONDEMN YOU NOW TO GET OUT OF MY LIFE! TO GET OFF OF ME! I HATE YOU! IN JESUS NAME YOU ARE DONE! I AM THE VICTOR!
That is an example of what you should speak out. Once you begin, the Holy Spirit can direct you more. But believe me, the words will soon flow out of you. And you'll begin to use the "power of ange"r and channel it into hate towards whatever evil is coming against you or have you in bondage. You will change and the evil will go. Doesn't mean you won't have to fight it again or it may take some time, but the frozen anger will break and it'll become great energy and resolve for you to fight on and kick Satan in the mouth.
Don't think well that's silly and I don't get loud and whatever. If you think that then you can stay in your depression and bondage. That's your choice. God gave us free will to be free in HIm or a prisoner to evil.

Now for those of you who are just sick of your 're own pride and selfishness that causes your anger to be directed towards the wrong places, you do the same thing. You hate your self-centeredness and you turn from it. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good-Romans 12:21. Now I know stress can cause frustration and anger too. I work in law enforcement so I can bring home a lot of stress and frustration and anger. But it's wrong to direct it towards my family, God or even myself. Now there are plenty of things you can do to relieve stress in a healthy way. But avoid the stress becoming demonic anger and using it for evil. Focus your anger and hate on the evil. "Do good". Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

The speaking out of your anger and hate towards poverty, sickness, disease and the demonic works the same way. I HATE YOU POVERTY! I'M SICK OF YOU! I HATE YOU SICKNESS! I'M NOT GOING TO LIVE THIS WAY ANY LONGER! IN JESUS NAME I WAS HEALED BY JESUS' STRIPES AND I AM RICH BECAUSE JESUS BECAME POOR!

This is really about how far you are willing to go and fight for what is rightfully yours in God's promises. I can't say this is easy. This is a fight. I can't say you may want to give up, but always get back up and keep going. But if you focus your anger and channel it with hate towards evil you will have an over abundant of energy and resolve to smack down evil.

Here's a link for a more thorough biblical teaching about anger: Anger Management