Who is Melchizedek Todd? Here's some info about me through Q&A.

1. Is Melchizedek your real name?
Yes, my mom gave me the name. She was looking through the bible to name me. It was Melchizedek or Ecclesiates...My mom made the right choice!
2. Your age? 34 and growing younger. Most folks say I don't look my age. I tell them video games keep me young.
3. How long have you been drawing? Since 5 or more I think. My Dad use to draw Huckleberry Hound and those classic toons and I would then try to draw them.
4. What inspired you to draw comic books? One word-Godzilla. As a kid I loved watching those corny old movies and began drawing my first comic book series based on Godzilla in the third grade. Sadly, the ten plus comics were thrown away one day mysteriously....
5. Any other hobbies besides art? I'm a practitioner of Kung Fu. Been doing that for five years. I like
video games, mainly military ones(Tom Clancy has gotten plenty of my money).
6. When did you become a Christian? When I was 11. But I didn't really understand it or follow Christ till I was 21 and rededicated my life to him and then have a relationship with Christ.
7. Why does your angels look strange, maybe even demonic? I've been ask this a lot. I've seen demons, and not one of my angels look like any demons I've seen. I have seen one angel and his face looked similar to the angel Jystus in my graphic novel series. One day I should draw the angel I saw. Also, i designed my angels to not look human on purpose. I've seen some great artwork of human like angels with armor and I didn't think I could do better. Plus, many times people were frightened when they saw angels in the Bible, so I wanted my angels to look fierce. Some angels are warriors, right?
8. Are you married? Any kids? Yes I'm married to a wonderful women and we have one daughter.
9. So you believe in demons? It takes less faith for me to believe in demons than God. That isn't blasphemy. But I've seen and experienced them firsthand many times. Satan and his minions are as real as the computer you are staring at.
10..How did you deal with demonic experiences. Through the name of Jesus. All power and authority is in his name if you believe and have him in your heart.
I was able to send them back to where they came from. It took time to not have fear and to have faith to conquer the demons since I was dealing with them since childhood, but God helped me through the years and made me into a warrior.
11. What inspired you to create Allegories of the Way? At first it was a way for God to heal me from my past and then it grew to be a positive take on God and Christianity. But like all things, it's not about you, so the inspiration changed to help heal others and lead them to the truths of God and ultimately to accept Christ in one's life.
12. Is your comic considered manga? Not really, though I took the greytoning from the manga style, but my drawings are more Western.

That's it folks, if you have any questions just contact me. In time I'll add more info. God bless.