God is proud of you. That may be hard for you to believe or wrap your mind around. The first time God said that to me I was in my mid twenties, just went back to a church where I hurt a lot of people through ignorance, started a new job making futons, Weapon Press wasn't even thought of, I think I had just begun my comic series Allegories of the way, Emotionally I was still unstable and just went through months of depression where I "walked away" from Christianity. I hadn't really in my eyes done much or accomplished much except mistakes. But God said he was proud of me.

Back then, I thought maybe God said that to me because I did go back to God and made amends at church. Maybe God said that because I didn't do the forget God, church and Christians. Maybe because I also continued with a Christian comic I didn't really have much support with or know how to even make one(I didn't have the internet, Facebook wasn't around, maybe Myspace existed). My dad never said he was proud of me while growing up, so I really didn't know how to react to God being proud of me. But it broke something in me. And I did cry without complete understanding, but that is fine. You don't always have to know the whys.

From what I remember, God was proud that I didn't give up on him or my comic book dream, though that credit goes to God really. Since as a child he ingrained in me a don't give up attitude through reading Spiderman comic books and having Uncle Ben as a surrogate father in some ways to make up what my Father wasn't until I got to know the perfect Father, God. And through out the years I can give example of example of how God used ordinary and weird things to encourage me and never give up. So it really was God who helped me continue, the only thing I did was choose to keep fighting. So I guess God can be proud of the right choices I have made in my life. Just like he is proud of the right choices you made in your life.

It is easy to focus on our mistakes and failures. But what about what you have done right? What about the countless of times you were responsible, helped someone, encouraged some one and so on? When plans don't work out as you like, it is easy to look back and say, I should had done that, I was stupid, I should had done that. And there are legit arguments with better laid out plans vs maybe the plans you decided. But did you at least try? Was your attitude for the positive? Did you with all the strength you had put 110 percent? I think if you weigh the things we have done right with the things we have done wrong then the scale will favor the things we have done right. It's just that we focus on the negative, especially when everything doesn't work out the way you planned it. But guess what? What does God focus on about you?

Now if you see God as a wrathful, vengeful God, then you are wrong and you are living in the Old Testament laws. We are living under grace through Jesus today. God put all his wrath on Jesus at the cross. It's a done deal. Now are there consequences for actions, yes. But don't think it is God throwing a lightning bolt at you. There is a devil and a curse in our world that loves to capitalize on our wrong actions. And yes, God will convict you to change and grow and that can be hard, but He doesn't do it through vengeance and sickness and other things that is a completely different subject. God in a simple term is our cheer leader and He is proud of you.

God wants the best for you more than you do. And he is there to cheer you own and help support you. And he is so proud of you when you don't give up on doing good and pursuing the gifts he gave you in the first place. But to get full access to knowing how he really feels about you you have to pursue Him. You have to pursue Jesus. (Deuteronomy 4:29 NKJV) “But from there you will seek the LORD your God, and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.

Next read these scriptures-
Hebrews 8:12 For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.
Isaiah 43:25 "I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more.

Now isn't it possible for our mistakes and failures be grouped in with sins and iniquities? Now I know that may be odd, because you can make a mistake and fail without even trying to do something wrong. But the point is God doesn't focus on your failings. Only your flesh, Satan and people who don't really love you or know how to love you focus on your failings. And since God forgets your short comings then what can he really only focus on about you? He focuses on your potential, on the promises he has for you-Jeremiah 29:11-For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. GOD IS SUPER PROUD OF YOU! Let him say that to you and allow yourself to receive it and believe it.

So if any of this rubs you the wrong way or you can't accept this, then you don't know how much God loves you. And often when we have never been loved correctly, then we have a hard time receiving God's love. And to be honest, no matter how great your parents, family, spouse may have been showing you love, it's nothing compared to the perfect love of God. This love is always there for you to receive. God is so proud of you and loves you so much that he sent Jesus to die and live again to know you intimately. Don't think you have made too many mistakes to come to Jesus. Don't think that God has rotten thoughts about you so he would never accept you.

And the biggest reason and probably the best reason God is proud of you is because he created you. I didn't understand that years ago and why I felt broken inside when He told me he was proud of me. It's not because of anything I have done. It was because of who I was. Who we are. We are God's creation. In our human, limited thinking, we believe our parents have to be proud of us because of something we do. Or we have to be proud of someone because of what they have done. No, not in God's family. He is already proud of you because he made you, you are a part of God. He is just waiting for you to receive HIm so you will know this and receive the good he has for you. God is proud of you.

To end, this is good news. The gospel isn't called the good news for nothing. You can pm me here or contact me through my website weaponpress.com if you want to discuss this more or if you want prayer.

Concerning the art side of the ministry, I'm more than halfway finished with coloring my next comic The False Dichotomy. I'm excited about this project, because I feel it will help a lot of people to acknowledge our spiritual heritage with Jesus. Take care.

-Melchizedek Todd


Lately my motto has been God you increase, while I decrease. The other day I was convicted about how unhealthy I have been putting the focus of my life on my needs, desires and what I want to achieve. Now I know God wants my needs met and He is leading me in ministry. I know He has given me great talent to spread his love and knowledge through comicbooks and etc. However, I have dwindled God really changing my heart and I have focused more on my own heart than knowing God's heart. If that makes sense to you.

The realization is God gives gifts with out repentance (Romans 11:29). Which means every single gift anyone has is from God and they can choose to glorify God with it or not. And God won't take the gift away. Now that is scary if you are serving God, doing great things even miracles, because at the end you could be cast into hell because Jesus never knew you(Matthew 7:21-23). Sadly this will happen. But I'm not going to let that happen to me and hopefully help others to avoid this grave mistake.
To be blunt, GOD WANTS YOU, not your service or "good" deeds. The night I was convicted with this revelation, I was like God take my gifts away if that meant me not knowing you! Now I know God wasn't going to of course,but the point is knowing God and being intimate with him is #1 in life. Period. And it benefits you in every aspect of your life. He is our source to abundance in this world, spiritually, emotionally, financially, health wise and so on.

Quantity is better than quality with spending time with God and reading, studying and meditating on the scriptures and talking to God and listening to God and obeying God. Now I am preaching to myself also. And there isn't any excuse not to be in intimate relationship with Jesus. We are too busy doing so much in our lives, even good stuff, but God has to be number 1. Change your lifestyle if you have to to put God first and spend QUANTITY time with him. If you only spent 5 minutes with your spouse, friends or kids that would be pathetic and you know
that. But why do we do that with God?

But the great thing about God is He is everywhere so you can be on a long commute in your car or on a train and spend time with him. God told me one of the greatest times He had with me was when I use to have a long commute to work. Probably, because I could focus on him as I drove without other distractions. There is always a way. You just have to put effort into it. Now I go into my basement and spend quantity time reading the word and talking to God. Praising him for everything and He talks back to me. We hang out together. There's always a way if you really want to do something.

And I'll end with this, if you do have a dream, desires for something more and you think you have to do it on your own and bust your butt to get there then study this scripture-Matthew 6:33-But seek first God's kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. God is so good! God will actually add to you your needs and desires without you over doing yourself if you seek him first! God makes things so simple, but we complicate things and act dumb. I have worn the dunce hat plenty of times. Amen.

Regarding Weapon Press, new God Scene Shows should be coming soon. I should be posting a new one later today. http://www.prolifick.com/thegodscene
Lately I've been posting pics on facebook and with subscribers this SciFi/Spiritual comic book I'm doing called THE FALSE DICHOTOMY. I haven't been giving much details about it, because of the interesting content in it. But I hope it will help people to acknowledge the spiritual world, and ultimately God and Jesus.
Take care. God bless you abundantly.

-Melchizedek Todd






















I think the title to this newsletter is one of the most spoken Christian statements like "God is good." and "Jesus loves you." True statements, but I know for myself I heard those statements since childhood from being raised in a secular church environment and I still didn't know what those statements meant. I didn't really believe them, but I could say them over and over again.
It wasn't until I began to follow Christ as an adult and having a relationship with him as a friend and God the father, did those statements become real through a process. A process I'm still going through. But that is why it's a relationship and not just this one time/"one night stand". I can now say those trite statements and they aren't trite. I have memories, scriptures, promises that back up those statements. I have example after example of God speaking to me and loving me, showing his goodness and greatness. And because I grew up with a very distorted view of God, He is still working on me to understand and believe more and more who He really is. And that's the fun.

Other news with Weapon Press is I'm in transition with branching out into cons and other events on the publishing side. But also, my wife and I are in prayer and waiting to do local meetings of healing, teaching and worship. I feel direction from God to do the meetings, now I'm just waiting for things to fall into place. Recently, I've been working on a Sci-Fi/Spiritual short comic book. I don't have a title yet. But I hope it helps people to see themselves more spiritual than physical and acknowledge Jesus.

To end, speaking of processes. I've also been working on these commissions for the Steampunk character General T. Osnofla
I've been combining photos and manipulating them in photoshop. PHOTOSHOP CS2 STILL ROCKS!!! (Ahem.) Anyways, it's a fun process and I've attached some pics with the process and the beginning of the next piece I'm working on. Take care.

-Melchizedek Todd













JUNE 2015



I've been behind in newsletters these last few months. Been busy, but also I've been posting updates to my projects on facebook and through my web site's subscriber option. But I want to finally finish the "Don't Give Up" theme I have written about before. This time it will deal more with the spiritual.
So I believe in the prosperity gospel, or the faith gospel or whatever you may call it. It's real to me because I have experienced miraculous healing and financial gain in my life and with my family. Pm me and I can share a lot of testimonies with you.
I began to learn about faith and the "full gospel" through Andrew Wommack Ministries and Kenneth Copeland Ministries about 6 years ago. It's been great. The bible is more alive to me now. The insight, peace, joy and wisdom the Holy Spirit has been giving me has been overwhelming at times. God has used these two men to really teach people about the true nature of God and what he has provided for us.
Now have I been perfect in learning these new insights of God? No. But I have left the train station and there's no turning back. Am I living in the fullness of what God has planned for me? No. Not because God hasn't provided, but because of me needing to mature with learning to get rid of my unbelief and selfishness that hinders God's blessings and power in our lives. But I keep on going. I keep on believing. I keep on letting God change my heart and renew my mind. And I see the results that faith works. 
But you have to move and keep moving. Will you be discouraged at times? Yes. Will you understand faith and it's laws all the time? No. But God loves you and will keep encouraging you to keep pressing forward. God will keep encouraging you to press forward. God will keep encouraging you to press forward. God will keep... YOU have to move forward. God won't force you. You want to be stuck, stay stuck. It's your free will. Or you can decide that it's DO or DIE. Either I'm going to be healed or die believing I am healed. I'm going to be financially well off or I'm going to die believing I am rich. You have to fight for it, it's not easy.
Recently, I just experienced three financial miracles, one of them is receiving a 2012 sports car for free. My family and I have been needing a second car for some time and of course I'm selling the sports car and getting a mini van smile emoticon. I know this came because i was determined to believe I'm not stuck being poor and struggling. I don't have the room to go into details, but God has been working on my heart and mind for years to really trust him and not be reliant on myself. God is my source. God can supernaturally supply your needs without you heavy toiling. 
For years God has been working on my mind and heart to make him my mentor and best friend. So now he gives me intimate dreams and interpretation to warn me and encourage me about the present and future. Yea, God is that good and loving. And the great thing is that the bible says God is not a respecter to any man. So whatever he has done for me or anyone else, he will do for you, if you seek him. If you continuously get to know him through the bible and prayer and full-gospel teachings. Don't give up on faith. You have to move and keep on moving. The bible says through FAITH and PATIENCE we receive God's promises (Hebrews 6:12).
So that's it, you can hear more about some of the things God has done and is doing for me and my family at http://www.prolifick.com/thegodscene
Here is a cool teaching by Andrew Wommack called-Don't Limit God- 
God is amazing and wants to know you so much. So go get to know him and the blessings and power he has for you.

-Melchizedek Todd


This was supposed to be part 2 to October’s newsletter-but I’ll write that for next month. This does relate to the topic on never giving up which I think is a good thing to share with 2014 almost gone.
I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore or set lofty goals for the New Year. I do make plans, but I know they can change…This year I had planned to finish the web comic The United and the graphic novel series Allegories of the Way. I did both, but I finished Allegories much quicker than I planned to. I thought my family and I were moving mid year, so I rushed to finish Allegories, because I knew it would be difficult to work on it with a new move. Well, we didn't move, Allegories was completed, but I did give up on exercising as often and being healthier, which wasn't good. However, I’m catching back up with my healthy routines.
Now I also didn't plan to start or finish Jesus Translated: Steampunked this year, but certain things at my job allowed me to free up time to work and finish the book. Also it’s a short comic book with a linear, quick style and I limited my time on coloring each page. I’m thankful it’s done.
I am thankful also this year for God encouraging me and leading me to pursue him and pursue wisdom in my life. And that is what I would like to share some about before this year ends. Proverbs 24:14-Know also that wisdom is sweet to your soul; if you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off. WOW!!! AMAZING! Well, maybe that doesn't mean much to you yet, but when I read that a while ago it blew my mind! You see, the Holy Spirit will help you and quicken in you the cross references of scriptures. The somewhat well known Proverb 13:12- Hope deferred makes the heart sick…means you hope for something and it doesn't happen it can devastate you, depress you, disillusion you. We all have been there in one way or another in our lives. I remember before I read Proverbs 24:14, a friend was struggling with following his dream in art. The friend had done a number of things for years, but it just wasn’t working out. It seemed hopeless. And I know just with doing independent comic books it can be hard trying to “make” it. You will want to give up if you don’t reach a certain amount of success. I wanted to encourage this friend, but I really didn’t know what to say until I read Proverbs 24:14. It all made sense to never, ever give up on any dream and how not to. The answer is always God and the wisdom he freely gives.
This is how you can connect the dots…
Proverbs 24:14-. Proverbs 24:14-Know also that wisdom is sweet to your soul; if you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.
Proverbs 13:12-Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.
James 1:5-6-If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 
This is what those scriptures mean to me and what I felt called to tell my friend: Have you exhausted every possible way to reach your dream? Proverbs 24:14 says if you find wisdom, your HOPE WILL NOT BE CUT OFF. You can say, well that just means your salvation and eternal life. And I would say to you “Don’t limit God. He cares about your dreams and feelings.” Then in James 1:5 it says if you lack wisdom ask God and he will give it to you generously! So I say this again: Have you exhausted every possible way to reach your dream? Of course not, because God’s wisdom is infinite and beyond our meager understanding. God will reveal things to you that you would never imagine to do or know how to do, but he will show you, if you ask and really BELIEVE. Finish reading the James verse and it saves you have to believe without doubting.
To sum it up, you don’t have to ever be discouraged or depressed when pursuing your dream because you can ask God for WISDOM that gives you HOPE that will NOT BE CUT OFF! AMAZING! Of course, the disclaimer is you have to had confess Jesus is Lord and have a relationship with God first. Read Proverbs for more insight about wisdom.
So that is my New Year’s “pep talk” to you. Hope it encourages you for the upcoming year. It definitely encouraged me.
Exciting things are planned for Weapon Press in 2015; another comic in the Jesus Steampunk series and the dark parody, superhero comic premiering. Stay tuned! God bless! 

-Melchizedek Todd


I write this to those who are afraid to pursue their impossible dream and those who feel unless everything is perfect they won’t try because of fear of failure and mistakes. When you jump in the unknown, you usually don’t have a map. Mistakes and failures are inevitable and it’s alright. Failure is acceptable as long as you don’t give up.
I’m not where I would like to be with my comics and ministry and when people say/suggest I have failed or given up since I don’t do my comics full-time, I think “I’m not dead yet”. That was my personal mantra over 10 years ago when I first starting drawing my Allegories of the Way series while dealing with bouts of depression which made it very hard to produce comics and just live a normal life (I also just became a believer in Christ and my view of God was still negative and depressing.)
But usually those who think I have failed don’t know me very well or what has transpired with my comics and ministry these last few years. I produce Christian comic books and not “safe” Christian comic books. In the sense I have been denied Christian marketing and being placed in Christian comic books stores due to my content. But I have had over 50 thousand downloads as well as having atheists and demon obsessed individuals respond positive to my books and led to want to know Jesus more. Is that failure?
I would love to have the financial success with my books and I am believing and pursuing that, but in the meantime, I can’t deny the success I have had and the failures I have had. And I can’t deny how God has encouraged me and helped me to keep pursuing my dreams.
Years before I even developed the idea for Allegories of the Way, out of high school, a friend of mine and I tried to do a comic book company for 5 years. It didn’t work out. FAIL
Allegories was supposed to be in color. My colorist fell through and I had no means to have it colored. FAIL
I can’t remember the number of publishers that rejected Allegories. FAIL
First two years on the web I barely got feedback from someone I didn’t know. FAIL
Google ads rejected my web site for advertising due to its amateur look. FAIL
I can go on, but with each failure, I just learned to adapt. Become better. Trust God. My colorists fell through, so I learned how to grayscale and toned Allegories. A year or so later my good friend Stan Murgolo got me a supped up Dell with Creative Studio so I could do anything with my comic book and his help is the main reason I can produce cool, digital colored art now. I also began to get a lot of positive feedback and even found positive reviews and links on sites I never knew about.
Failure is acceptable as long as you don’t give up. Sometimes you have to adapt and find another way. If a door closes, you can find another door, locate the key to the door or bust the door down with your foot.
But the main thing I want to say that following Jesus is what kept me going. Or should I say his faithfulness. There were plenty of times when I was going to give up. I remember one year every month I would get depressed and plan to stop doing my comic book, but God would use people(Christian and non- Christian), music( The Impossible Dream by the Temptations was my theme song for years) and his Word from the bible to encourage me to keep going. I praise God! I’m still fighting and striving to reach that “impossible” dream! Right now my comic books are being translated in Spanish and are on a Spanish web site reaching people I couldn’t ever speak to about the gospel on my own. PRAISE GOD! And at this point after 13 plus years I don’t care how long it takes me to get “there”, because I’M NOT DEAD YET! 
Other news with Weapon press is mainly about the Jesus Steampunk comic book I’ve been working on. It’s actually finished. I didn’t plan to finish it this early, but I had some time off work so it worked out. Plus the linear style I’m using is real fast. The digital coloring is the only thing that can take long, but I limit my time coloring each page. There are two examples attached with dialog.
I’ve been asked if it will be true to the Bible. It is, but this comic book is called Jesus Translated because I’m showing the viewer what Jesus may have been thinking during his life here. So I take liberties, but it is positive for God. I also hope this “translation” bridge the gap for people to believe God has caring emotions for us. That even though Jesus was God and perfect he did feel like us. And actually (this is a bit controversial) God didn’t really need Jesus to come down to know how we feel. God created emotions and there are plenty of examples in the Old Testament of God’s emotions and I just don’t mean his anger which most people think about. Jesus said the Holy Spirit would be better for us than Jesus in the flesh. So how can that part of the Trinity that descended from heaven and never was flesh be better for us? Granted the Trinity are one and I’m not discounting the relating to man ministry aspect of Jesus. I’m just want to point out that God wasn't just in heaven emotionless, just giving laws and watching pathetic man live. In the Old Testament: Zephaniah 3:17-The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save: he will rejoice over you with gladness: he will quiet you by his love, he will exult you with loud singing…..Think about it. Oh and by the way the rejoice and exult can mean dancing too.


This is the next major series I'm working on: JESUS TRANSLATED

Here's the first finished colored pages of the story The first book is about Jesus going to the cross. What makes this different than other Jesus bible comics is I'm translating what Jesus may have been thinking during his life here. Also it's being done in a Steampunk design.
I feel this comic may be visually challenging to some as well as controversial. However, I feel the comic will be a powerful tool to show what Christ has done for us.
Have to work on the fonts.

JULY 1, 2014

Weaponpress.com July 2014 Newsletter-The Long Unfinished Road

Hey Everyone,

I decided this Newsletter would be about my graphic novel series Allegories of the Way. The series ended this year and I'm still in shock in some ways that it's over.
Well, actually it's not over. I feel God doesn't want it over, but to expand more.
Some of you may know the series is being translated in Spanish. That is a miracle and a dream come true. I had desired for my series to be translated in Spanish for years, but I didn't know how to or who to ask. But a fellow Christian I met online a month or so ago volunteered his services to translate my series in Spanish-Praise God!
When I thought things were winding down with Allegories-it is not. For ten years this comic series has been on the web and God used it to touch people and know him more and I feel blessed.
It's been a long road. Ups and downs. Victories and defeats. Adapting and staying firm. Through it all God was faithful and kept me going with many ways of encouragement-from Christian and non-Christian friends to the song Impossible Dream by the Temptations(Elvis has a good version too).
So I'm also sharing some Allegories of the Way art. The first pic is the original cover for Volume 1 that I never used. It was my first attempt 10 years ago with digital coloring in photoshop with help from John Kinhart
The second pic was a commission that is overdue to be shown by Jesus Marquez
The next ones are pics you may have already seen this year, but without the wording. I just want to show them again and thank the people who drew them.
All coloring by me.
Next is David McConneheyWill CaliganFrank Soto, Youmin Park, Clement RomainMike Abuan, and C Souba Reyes

God Bless, Melchizedek Todd



April 23, 2014
Allegories of the Way volume 5 is completed. Go to the home page to download for free. It is the last volume of the spiritual warfare series. I'm very proud of it though it is sad to see the series end. But I do have plans to do a colored version of some select stories and an Omnibus of all the volumes with pin-ups and commentary.
I've been behind posting the next 2 God Scene shows. I plan to have them up this week. The two shows are pretty powerful I feel. They are about dealing with the demonic.
The United web comic is completely penciled. By next week there should be 16 pages or more posted. The comic is winding down and I plan to have it finished this year.
The Faith Land web comic is on hold. The current story starring the Throne character will be completed after The United is done. After that I have to figure out a few things. The reason is Faith Land will be an epic and I just finished an epic and I'm tired. So I may have to hire other artists to do the art chores.
And last, the next comic I plan to do will be a Bible based series based on the life of Jesus with a twist. I won't go into the details now. I rather have the first part speak for itself. The series may be controversial, but cool at the same time. I think it'll depend on the individual reading the comic.

Take care.

May 30, 2014

Hey Everyone,

Ever since I finished the last volume to my Allegories of the Way series my energy level has been spiking. I never knew how much energy I was using to do the series on a timely manner. I did it like a job. There was a certain number of pages I dedicated to finish each week and I pretty much kept with the schedule for years. Some people don't realize how much creative work drains you.

So, I'm a high energy person and I didn't realize I was expending so much energy until I finished the last book. It was awkward. I had other projects I was doing and others to come, but I knew I was tired in some ways, but I didn't know what to do with this knew found energy. I had slacked on exercising as often so I increased that and I tried to just relax more...I tried.

For some time I had wanted to show my appreciation to my daughter's dance teachers so I decided to donate a series of pics for them to sale during their Nutcracker performance this winter. I planned to do 4 or five mini-posters...I did seven. The week I did most of them I slept 2 or 3 hours a night. I didn't have to sleep that little, but I was inspired and challenged to somehow take real photos of dancers and change them in photoshop. I don't recommend sleeping like that. Now normally  I only sleep 5 hours max. I can't sleep 8 hrs like some people do maybe because of my high energy level, but I shouldn't have tried to live off of 2-3 hours while working a full-time job. Not very smart. Later that week I fell asleep driving and bumped another car. No damage-Everyone O.K. Definitely a wake-up call for me-literally.

I know God wants us to be balanced, but that can be a challenge to high energy, creative people. We can get inspired and just go-go-go-go and go until we crash and burn(sometimes literally). All jokes aside, I know sometimes after finishing a big project there is a down time. You may feel down and tired, some even become depressed. Then there are folks like me who may feel down for a day and then want to go ahead and start the next big thing. I'm learning to take it easy and do things in moderation now. I pray I will listen to God and use the common sense he gave me to avoid going overboard again.

But here are the pieces for the dance school. I liked how they came out. My daughter suggested some of the ideas and helped me balance the ones that look more "Nutcrackery" and the meta-spiritual style ones I did. God bless.

-Melchizedek Todd


JANUARY 2018- NEWSLETTER-A theory of why God surrounds himself with thousands of angels.

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 NEWSLETTER-WIPs for my upcoming graphic novel MAN OF WAR

How the Bible helped me crush the lies from this world.
Below are a few color options for my next comic book title.
I share how I am a Man of War and how we are believers of war. This introduces what my next comic book will be loosely based on.
MAY 20, 2017

MAY 2017
Looking for support with the ministry. I plan to reach out more into the world, but I can't do it alone. If you would like to become a partner or donate one time that would be great. Or if you even have a home church or organization I could share the ministry with, I would appreciate that also.
I haven't done a monthly audio newsletter of late and I'm going to start up again with the audios and more.
I'm going finish the second book to my Jesus Steampunk series hopefully this year.


MAY 2016 NEWSLETTER-A Prophetic Change

Weapon Press Newsletter May 2016- A Prophetic Change

Hey, been busy and I haven’t written a newsletter for 2 months. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to share I just wasn’t sure what to share and busyness can cause delay and forgetfulness at times. But I definitely know what to share right now.
Changes are coming to weapon Press. This ministry is changing for the better and I feel the change is directed by God. I feel it’s definitely directed by God because of my reluctance and my spirit man driving me towards this new thing. How often do you experience that?

Well, the first change is changing the identity of the ministry. Not that I’m changing what I’ve already done, but specify what I have done and will do. So right now the sub title for Weapon Press is A PROPHETIC MINISTRY. It’s still will have the Intense Christian Fiction motto, but under a prophetic calling. Does that make sense? Let me explain more.

What is a prophet? I think the popular visual is an old bible guy who tells people about their future or what God is saying. That is true, but there is more to it. A prophet is someone who takes the word of God(the bible) or something he hears from God and breaks it down for everyone to understand. He/She can interpret something that seems complex and explain it in a way that isn’t over someone’s head. Yea prophets are oracles of God in a sense. There’s more to it I know and there’s tons of books about the prophetic and so on, but I’m just sticking with what pertains to me right now.

How can I call my ministry prophetic? The answer is go to my web site and read the comic books I’ve been producing for the last 16 years. The series Allegories of the Way may be the easiest one to understand how I’ve taken the truths of God and broken it down for people to understand. I’ve had atheists say they understand things in Allegories and relate it to them getting to know God. I don’t pat myself on the back; God just gave me a gift I use to glorify Him. Also my latest book the False Dichotomy, though more blunt about some spiritual things, it still is an easy read adventure that helps you think beyond the physical world.

Now the bible says we should all try to prophesize and do you know when you share your testimony about Jesus you are prophesying? You are taking the truths and goodness of God and sharing it in a way for people to understand and relate to. Does that mean you’re a prophet, I think it does. Maybe not in the overall this is your main spiritual gift thing but don’t limit what God can do with you.

What I feel led to do with my ministry now is to share my experiences about the prophetic. I don’t know everything about it. I’m still learning and will always be learning till I reach heaven. What I do know that the prophetic when it relates to the supernatural has disturbed me, A LOT. I have experienced so much strange stuff since 2 years old it has made me feel insane at times. And I know that wasn’t God’s plan. It’s just I was raised in a secular society and in a secular/Christian upbringing that never acknowledged the spiritual and supernatural. We’re Americans, we try to be logical. And even though the Bible is full of the supernatural we dismiss it. But there are people like me who were born and are being born sensitive to the spiritual world. And sadly, Satan and his demons are the first things that you see and experience. I hear because when they know you are like this then they try to really mess with you and since angels are about their assignments, you don’t see angels that often.

It has sucked because many people go decades or their entire lives with no answers or direction. They blame God or are scared of God and the supernatural. That was me and still me in ways.

Now it’s been easy for me to hide my experiences in my comic books and share with people in that form. It’s been successful and productive to a point. And I will continue to produce comic books in that way. But it’s time for me to grow and be stretched. And I know there are others out there with similar experiences as mine and others who would like to know and understand the prophetic and supernatural.

It’s serious stuff  I’ll be sharing. It is serious. But I feel there needs to be a way to lighten the seriousness and up tightness to the prophetic, especially inside myself. There is a rage, anger in me I have never been able to shake. I know it stems from the demonic abuse I experience since childhood to my early thirties. God freed me from it and I will share that soon enough. But the trauma, the rage I haven’t been able to deal with in healthy ways at times. The funny thing is people more prone to the prophetic are already intense individuals; I didn’t need any more intensity in my life! Lol. There’s been steps taken and I’m further than I was with this anger, but the biggest and maybe final step is sharing how the supernatural has affected me.

I’ll be sharing with video, comedy art, etc. I have an idea for a humorous comic strip I’ll be working on as I finish the first graphic novel to General T. Osnofla and the prose book The Principal. The new prophetic stuff may be slow in coming, but it is the new direction I’m taking. I believe and know God will bless it like he has Weapon Press these past 16 years. If anything I feel it will make the ministry expand and grow beyond my expectations. Thanks everyone for your prayers and support.

God bless,
Melchizedek Todd

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 NEWSLETTER-God Made You Amazing! God Says You Are Amazing!

This is a late January newsletter, but something I’ve wanted to share for a while.
Do you know even without Jesus inside of you, you are an amazing being? Do you realize God has already given us power and gifts that you can use for God or not. The Bible says in Romans 1:29-For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. So if you are living for God, or not, if you believe in God or not, He has already given you gifts and won’t take them away. Whoa, I bet that statement may ruffle some religious mind sets, but it’s the truth and reality. How many great singers, artists, sports figures, actors, business people, leaders and so on are not Christians or even believe in God? However, it’s obvious they are talented and gifted. You can probably name ten famous non-believers off your head and hundreds if you sat down and wrote it out.

Now Satan didn’t give these people these gifts, though some may be living for Satan. The bible states in James 1:17- Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow or turning. That is why I believe (and this may bother some) Christians will never lead or influence any media until we are the majority. Now I’m not saying God can’t use our talents to help thousands of people if not more with our gifts, but Christians are not the majority in Hollywood or any popular media. Our culture is not a pro-Jesus culture; we are the minority though God’s kingdom is mighty. So I would stop crying about if only God would give Christians better gifting and Christians should be leading in media because we have God inside of us. Remember, God gives good, irrevocable gifts to everyone under the sun. And it’s obvious most people (and that includes those with musical, art and so on talents) do not live for Christ.

But to get back to the topic-God made you amazing! God says you are amazing! Now I don’t have to prove the amazing things we can do. You can think about it. You can think about the amazing things people have done apart from God. How many great songs, structures, art, businesses, physical abilities have been displayed since the beginning of time? Mankind is number one! Who did God make the universe for? Us! Who did he give dominion over animals and this world? Us! We are all that and a bag of Doritos Frito-lay chips! And we don’t even need God in our lives to do great things because He already has gifted us with amazing brains, motor skills, thumbs, eyes, ears, a great functional body and the lists goes on. Plus God doesn’t even force us to use our gifts for Him or even acknowledge Him. God is so good and wonderful He just gives and gives us great things.
So my question to you is, wouldn’t it be great to get to know the one who gave you your gifts and talents? Wouldn’t it be nice to acknowledge the one who loves you so much, you don’t have to pay him back for what He has already given you? How many celebrities do you know of whom live for Christ? Yet they have great gifts and are using them and I don’t see God saying there is a catch and taking their talents away. Yea, God is that good and giving. That is love and giving free will to his creations.

So how about choosing to know God more? How? Confess Jesus is Lord. Receive Jesus in your heart. Find a good church that believes in the bible. Read the bible and ask God for understanding. Pm me if you want to chat and ask questions.
Oh yea, I didn’t give any scriptures to prove God says you are amazing. Well, since God made you amazing and He loves you unconditionally to give gifts without repentance…you do the math.

Concerning Weapon Press, I’ve been pressing in to expand the ministry and reach more people. I’m doing more social media as well as reaching out to churches to do presentations about the ministry. You want me to visit your church? Pm me so we can talk.

Other than that, the indiegogo campaign for my brother’s character General T. Osnofla is very soon. My brother and I will appreciate any support you can give to produce the graphic novel. Thanks.

God bless-
Melchizedek Todd